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From the Editors

And now we have Mbak Mega as president. As we are  writing this Suharto's GOLKAR party won the 2004 election.

Whew, we cannot believe how long it has been since the last update. I mean the general's gone now and we've got the kyai as president.

Anyway we will continue to present the general for our children, grandchildren, grand-grand children. Let's not forget what he did to our country!

9/4/1998 - latest news
Some of visitors sent us pictures and link. Thank you very much!

We have received a number of letters asking us to send pictures. We apologize that we could not do this due to security and efficiency reasons. (hey, we do not want our IPs recorded :-)   ). For those who wants to save pictures, use the right-click button of your mouse.

Right the first day this page launched, we have received a tremendous 5000 hits! This was an unexpected amount of response. Our simple conclusion: this is the right (and safe) media to display and exhibit Suharto - related comics and interesting pics -- for they    represents our living, healthy conciousness.
Aren't they?

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